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Special thanks to e-IndianVisa. I finally got my visa thanks to your team. Thanks a lot.
- Peter, UK

I really appreciate your effort in helping me getting this visa and guiding me through the process.
- Chantelle, UK

Got my visa in less than 24 hours. Go for Urgent visa.
- Tanya, UK

This is my 5th visit to India, and I chose e-IndianVisa for the 2nd time and got the visa so easily. The team is very helpful.
- Susan, UK

Everything on the site is so easy to understand and go by. Helped me a lot to understand the process as I am not very good with English.
- Ben, US

Amazing and helpful team. Thanks for your support from start to end. I've got my visa.
- Rose, US

The process on site is very slick and easy to understand. I applied for the visa in less than an hour and got it in the next few days.
- Marge, UK

eTouristVisa service from your team is the best but the Urgent visa is so quick I can't believe it. I applied for the eTV but my friend applied days later for the Urgent one and she got it before I did.
- Emily, US

Your website is really helpful in understanding the process. Good Job. Thanks for helping us out so much.
- Maninder, UK

Digital India

Welcome to e-IndianVisa!

E-Visa for India has been further subcategorized into e-Tourist Visa, e-Medical Visa and e-Business Visa for India. The applicants can apply for any of these e-Visa categories depending upon their purpose of visit to India. E-Visa process is complete online as no paperwork is required and Indian e-visa will be sent via email. Applicants have to carry a print out of e-visa and Travel Papers while travelling which will be verified by Indian officer at immigration and will get stamp on the Travel Papers on the basis of Indian e-visa. E-visa is valid for 365 days from the date of issue with continuous stay during each visit should not exceed 180 days. Multiple entry will be granted within e-visa validity period from the first date of arrival in India.

Apply for eVisa for India

Tourist may apply for Indian tourist visa anytime and arrive at selected Indian airports and their stay will be valid for maximum of 180 days from the date of entry in India. Tourists can also avail this facility within 24 to 48 business hours for urgent travels. This process of issuing an Indian tourist e-visa is entirely online where travelers can fill the visa application form. Approved e-Visa will be sent via email to the email id which is mentioned by the applicant in the form. The travelers have to submit his/her application on this website, using online application form and pay the visa fee. The traveler will get a confirmation by email after submission of their Indian visa application. The purpose of e-Tourist visa can be recreation or sightseeing or Meeting friends or relatives or short term yoga program etc. e-Indian Visa is valid for multiple entries in India, which cannot be extended.

Tourists need to apply for e-Visa on-line before traveling to India. The process is entirely electronic for India Visa Application and can be submitted online, and eVisa approval (authority to enter India) will be sent through concern email. Travelers may obtain a Tourist e Visa for travel to India for sightseeing and holiday, visiting friends and relatives, medical treatment including Ayurveda (herbal) and yoga, or to participate in sporting events, competitions and activities relating to cultural performance. Usually the processing period for issuance of etourist visa for india can be 4 Business days , subject to the correct information submitted by applicant to this website. Processing time may be extended if applicant gave any incorrect information in the application or having any criminal convictions. To get electronically issued India e-Visa, there is no need of original Travel Papers submission or any other original documents for visa application processing. The travellers have to submit his/her application on this website, using Online Application form and paid the visa service fee.The traveller will get a confirmation by email after submission your e-Tourist Visa application processing. eTV India Visa Facility is available for Travel Papers holder for the following countries and are eligible for a stay up to 60 days in India and the validity of visa will be 120 days. This is a Double entry is permitted on e-Tourist Visa and e-Business Visa. Triple entry will be permitted on e-Medical Visa and can only be issued twice in a year.

Urgent eTourist Visa

We are providing Express, Fast and Emergency Visa Services for who want to get visa urgently in 24-48 Business Hours and processing time of e tourist visa application will be 24-48 Business Hours from received the payment of visa applications along with documents. This service will be done with additional charges. Please Apply Now for Urgent visa. For Details Kindly contact us:

List of countries eligible for eTouristVisa:

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    right arrow blueAlbania
    right arrow blueAndorra
    right arrow blueAnguilla
    right arrow blueAntigua & Barbuda
    right arrow blueArgentina
    right arrow blueArmenia
    right arrow blueAruba
    right arrow blueAustralia
    right arrow blueAustria
    right arrow blueBahamas
    right arrow blueBarbados
    right arrow blueBelgium
    right arrow blueBelize
    right arrow blueBolivia
    right arrow blueBosnia & Herzegovina
    right arrow blueBotswana
    right arrow blueBrazil
    right arrow blueBrunei
    right arrow blueBulgaria
    right arrow blueCambodia
    right arrow blueCanada
    right arrow blueCape Verde
    right arrow blueCayman Island
    right arrow blueChile
    right arrow blueChina
    right arrow blueChina- SAR Hongkong
    right arrow blueChina- SAR Macau
    right arrow blueColombia
    right arrow blueComoros
    right arrow blueCosta Rica
    right arrow blueCook Islands
    right arrow blueCote d'lvoire
    right arrow blueCroatia
    right arrow blueCuba
    right arrow blueCzech Republic
    right arrow blueDenmark
    right arrow blueDjibouti
    right arrow blueDominica
    right arrow blueDominican Republic
    right arrow blueEast Timor
    right arrow blueEcuador
    right arrow blueEl Salvador
    right arrow blueEritrea
    right arrow blueEstonia
    right arrow blueFiji
    right arrow blueFinland
    right arrow blueFrance
    right arrow blueGabon
    right arrow blueGambia
    right arrow blueGeorgia
    right arrow blueGermany
    right arrow blueGhana
    right arrow blueGreece
    right arrow blueUSA
    right arrow blueGrenada
    right arrow blueGuatemala
    right arrow blueGuinea
    right arrow blueGuyana
    right arrow blueHaiti
    right arrow blueHonduras
    right arrow blueHungary
    right arrow blueIceland
    right arrow blueIndonesia
    right arrow blueIreland
    right arrow blueIsrael
    right arrow blueJamaica
    right arrow blueJapan
    right arrow blueJordan
    right arrow blueKenya
    right arrow blueKiribati
    right arrow blueLaos
    right arrow blueLatvia
    right arrow blueLesotho
    right arrow blueLiberia
    right arrow blueLiechtenstein
    right arrow blueLithuania
    right arrow blueLuxembourg
    right arrow blueMadagascar
    right arrow blueMalawi
    right arrow blueMalaysia
    right arrow blueMalta
    right arrow blueMarshall Islands
    right arrow blueMauritius
    right arrow blueMexico
    right arrow blueMicronesia
    right arrow blueMoldova
    right arrow blueMonaco
    right arrow blueMongolia
    right arrow blueMontenegro
    right arrow blueMontserrat
    right arrow blueMozambique
    right arrow blueMyanmar
    right arrow blueNamibia
    right arrow blueNauru
    right arrow blueNetherlands
    right arrow blueNew Zealand
    right arrow blueNicaragua
    right arrow blueNiue Island
    right arrow blueNorway
    right arrow blueOman
    right arrow bluePalau
    right arrow bluePalestine
    right arrow bluePanama
    right arrow bluePapua New Guinea
    right arrow blueParaguay
    right arrow bluePeru
    right arrow bluePhilippines
    right arrow bluePoland
    right arrow bluePortugal
    right arrow blueRepublic of Korea
    right arrow blueRepublic of Macedonia
    right arrow blueRomania
    right arrow blueRussia
    right arrow blueSaint Christopher & Nevis
    right arrow blueSaint Lucia
    right arrow blueSaint Vincent & the Grenadines
    right arrow blueSamoa
    right arrow blueSan Marino
    right arrow blueSenegal
    right arrow blueSerbia
right arrow blueSeychelles
right arrow blueSingapore
right arrow blueSlovakia
right arrow blueSlovenia
right arrow blueSolomon Islands
right arrow blueSouth Africa
right arrow blueSpain
right arrow blueSri Lanka

Visa Fees

Visa fees are non-refundable. Approval or rejection of the visa application depends on the decision of the Government Immigrations department. Your application may be rejected by them and please be informed that the Government authorities will inform if you are not eligible for this service. In case of cancellation after submission of application the visa fee is non-refundable. For Visa Assistance Call on +44 203 769 2327

Visa Application Process

Visa Process Detail

e-Tourist Visa Facility:

e-IndianVisa is valid for entry through 24 designated Airports (i.e. Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh,Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum & Varanasi) and 3 designated seaports (i.e. Cochin, Goa, Mangalore). However, the foreigner can take exit from any of the authorized Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) in India.

E-IndianVisa Terms and Conditions

  • The validity of e-Visa will be 180 days from the date of arrival in India. Multiple entry is permitted on e-Tourist Visa and e-Business Visa. Triple entry will be permitted on e-Medical Visa.
  • Travel should be after 24 hours.
  • visa will be issue in 24 hours subject to completion of documents and necessary fees.
  • Approval of visas depend on the Immigration Department of India. Your application may be rejected by them and please be informed that the authorities are not liable to provide any reason against the rejection. We cannot guarantee that all applications will be approved. The visa application fee is 100% non-refundable whether your visa is approved, rejected or delayed in the event that your visa is approved but you are unable to travel to India.
  • If your visa application would be rejected, we will provide you with the proof of rejection from the Immigration Department for your reference and record.
  • Once your visa will processed, we will email you a copy. Passengers will need to present a hard copy of the visa to the immigration officers at the airport.
  • International Travellers having Pakistani Travel Papers or Pakistani origin may please apply for regular Visa at Indian Mission.
  • Not available to Diplomatic/Official Travel Papers Holders or Laissez-passer travel document holders.
  • Not available to individuals endorsed on Parent's/Spouse's Travel Papers i.e. each individual should have a separate Travel Papers.
  • Not available to International Travel Document Holders.


E-IndianVisa Services Team is a commercial website. We are not the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission or the representative of any Government Department of India. If you apply through, we assist you for INDIAN VISA application, support all required documents for your e-Tourist visa applications and you will get your visa update frequently and get visa result from us.

To apply e-Tourist visa under our processing, you will be charged service fee and Indian Government Fee. Besides that, you can apply in person at Indian Missions or official Indian Government Website. Our fee will be higher than you apply directly on Indian Government Website or at Indian Missions in your country.